Tristar Exploding Pressure Cooker Injuries Lead to Lawsuits

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Pressure Cooker Explodes, Leading to Product Liability Lawsuits

Pressure cookers are marketed as a kitchen appliance that cooks food faster. However, some consumers are saying that the product caused harm when the cookware exploded in their homes, causing severe burns and injuries. One south Florida couple, for example, filed a lawsuit over the Tristar Products Power Pressure Cooker XL.

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CBS Miami interviewed the couple in June 2015. The wife said that their pressure cooker exploded when making soup the year prior. The woman says that the explosion happened when her husband opened the pressure cooker. “He started to open it, and it blew out everything,” the woman said. “All my soup is on the wall, and even on the back of the fridge.”

She says her husband suffered burns from the explosion, stating “He burned his arms completely, and when he removed the clothes, shorts, his leg also was burned,” the woman told CBS. His elbows to his finger tips were covered in second degree burns. The woman also suffered a burn, although less severe.

The couple filed a product liability lawsuit against Tristar as well as Bed, Bath and Beyond, where they purchased the product.

At the time, the Tristar pressure cooker was a recent product on the market. The South Florida couple were not the only ones who say the product exploded. Two other consumers filed complaints with the Consumer Products Safety Commission at the time, stating that their Tristar pressure cookers had exploded.

Another Exploding Tristar Pressure Cooker Lawsuit Filed

Another exploding Tristar pressure cooker story made the news again recently. Just last month, CBS once again reported that a lawsuit was being filed after a Tristar pressure cooker exploded in one woman’s home, causing severe burns.

The woman says she and her husband were using the pressure cooker to make a stew. When she opened the lid, the scalding hot contents burst out and landed all over her. “I released the steam valve twice to make sure all the steam was out. It has a lock mechanism on the lid that’s not supposed to allow you to turn it if the pressure is still in there,” the woman told CBS. “And it did allow me to turn it, so I figured it was safe to open.”

“Like a volcano erupting. More like, if you sat on top of a volcano and you got up and it was mad at you and it squirted everything at you. It was kinda like that,” she said of the explosion. “I just started screaming until one of my children came down and said, ‘Why are you screaming like that?’ And I said, ‘Just take everything off me. Take my clothes off, throw ice on me. Ice packs. I need ice packs.’”

The explosion happened several months ago, and the woman says the incident still haunts her. “It was painful, frightful. I relive it. I still sometimes see it happening again and again,”

CBS reports that she sustained second-degree burns. There are photos of her injuries, some of which are too graphic for television. The burns will leave permanent scars. “I look at myself in the mirror and I cry because I’m not like I used to be anymore,” the woman says.

The pressure cooker utilizes a safety mechanism that is supposed to stop consumers from opening the lid when its unsafe. “It’s time that this manufacturer and others that make this product say it’s time to revamp this or take it off the line. It’s just injuring people,” the woman said.

In the two years since the South Florida couple filed their lawsuit, others have also reported similar experiences. CBS reports over a dozen people have been injured by exploding Tristar pressure cookers.

Manufacturers are liable for defective products that injure consumers. Product liability lawsuits can be filed over various defects, including design defects, manufacturing defects, or failure to warn. Compensation from a lawsuit can help cover economic damages, such as medical bills, as well as non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment in life.

Filing a Product Liability Lawsuit

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