Three Women Guilty of Nursing Home Abuse


Some caretakers at one facility have recently been found guilty of abusing nursing home residents “for fun.” Their heinous acts include tipping one person out of her wheelchair and onto the floor.

Three women at one nursing home in Lancaster, England, were found guilty of elder abuse after they were accused of intentionally hurting residents under their care, according to The Telegraph. One woman was found guilty of “mocking” a resident under her care because she threw beanbags at that person. Another woman involved in the abuse was found guilty of abusing six residents, including slapping one.

Yet, another woman, The Telegraph writes, reportedly tipped one of the nursing home residents out of her wheelchair. The three said they committed these abusive acts against the residents at this English nursing home for “fun” and because they were bored.

In the United States, nursing home abuse and neglect is on the rise, especially as more Americans opt to live in these facilities in their retirement years or because they require ongoing medical attention.

Based on recent reports, more nursing homes are being operated by for-profit corporations, which appear to be more concerned with bottom lines than quality care. Financial concerns, over patient care, may lead to questionable staffing choices and budget decisions that often result in increased risk of resident abuse or neglect. Telltale signs that loved ones may be subject to abusive care or neglect at their nursing homes include the onset of bedsores and weight loss. Injuries sustained from falls could also be the result of abuse. Residents being permitted to do something they’re not capable of doing on their own may also point to neglect.