Serious Complications with da Vinci Robot, Suits Say

Overview: Intuitive Surgical is facing another lawsuit over its da Vinci surgical robot, alleging that the surgical system left an Alabama woman with serious injuries after receiving a hysterectomy. Earlier this month, a father also sued over the robot after his 24 year old daughter died two weeks after having a hysterectomy.


  • Two lawsuits pending against Intuitive Surgical over da Vinci hysterectomy
  • The suit filed earlier this month alleges that the system burned the artery and intestines of a 24 year old who died two weeks after the surgery
  • The latest lawsuit alleges that the robot significantly damaged a woman’s left ureter and bladder; plaintiffs are seeking $490 million
  • Questions are being raised about whether surgeons are properly trained in using the device

Product: da Vinci Surgical System

Manufacturer: Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Potential Complications Include Tears and Burns to:

  • Blood vessels
  • Intestines
  • Uterus


  • Vaginal cuff dehiscence (re-opening of vaginal incision after hysterectomy)

Father blames da Vinci surgery robot for daughter’s death

The father of a New York woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the makers of the da Vinci surgical robot, claiming its malfunctioning cost his daughter her life in a botched hysterectomy surgery.

According to a report at, Gilmore McCalla believes the da Vinci robot burned an artery and the intestines of his 24-year-old daughter during a hysterectomy surgery. His daughter died two weeks after the surgery and he blames the surgeon operating the da Vinci robot and the device itself for the unexpected death. He also claims in his lawsuit filed in a New York courtroom that the surgeon failed to acknowledge the mistakes made by the surgical robot.

McCalla has named Intuitive Surgical as the Defendant in the lawsuit. In it, according to the Web report, the man claims “the surgical robot contains dangerous design flaws, including un-insulated surgical arms that may allow electrical currents to jump to healthy internal organs and tissue.” Additionally, he blames Intuitive for failing to properly train the surgeon on the proper use of the da Vinci robot. [Read more…]