Sweet Leaf Tea Company Recalls Products that May Contain Glass Fragments


The Sweet Leaf Tea Company has announced a recall of Sweet Leaf Tea in 16-ounce glass bottles because of the possible presence of glass fragments.

The bottles may have glass fragments as a result of glass breakage during the filling process. Consumers could be cut or injured if they ingest glass fragments. The company has received four complaints of glass in the product, but no reports of injuries, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The recall, announced on December 10, is limited to specific production codes of Sweet Leaf Tea that were distributed between February 27, 2015 and December 6, 2015. Only 16-ounce glass bottles are affected. The teas included in the recall are Sweet Leaf Tea Raspberry, Sweet Leaf Half and Half Lemonade Tea, Sweet Leaf Tea Original, Sweet Leaf Tea Green Tea with Citrus, Sweet Leaf Tea Peach, and Sweet Leaf Tea Mint & Honey. A list of manufacturing codes, production dates, and UPC numbers for the recalled teas can be found on the FDA web site, along with images of product labels. Consumers can find the manufacturing code on the shoulder of a bottle or on the shipping case.

The Sweet Leaf Tea Company said the recalled products are being removed from store shelves. Consumers who have any of the teas in glass bottles from the affected dates should not consume those products. Consumers can contact Sweet Leaf toll-free at 1-877-832-5323 Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm EST for replacement product, or consumers can return the product to the place of purchase for a refund.

Sweet Leaf says the recall is being conducted with the knowledge of and in cooperation with the FDA.