Sweeping recall of Ameridose drugs announced after connections to NECC discovered


Sweeping recall of Ameridose drugs announced after connections to NECC discoveredBy

Ameridose has issued a recall on all the prescription drugs it produced from its Massachusetts labs after a federal investigation cast doubts on their safety.

According to a Boston Globe report recently, the sister company to New England Compounding Center issued the recall last week when a Food and Drug Administration investigation found deficiencies in testing procedures at Ameridose that could not guarantee any of the drug products shipped from its Westborough, Mass., headquarters.

The FDA said the company needed to improve its testing procedures to ensure that products from its labs were not posing risks to the public.  There is no evidence to suggest that any Ameridose products included in the wide-ranging recall issued by the company amid the federal inspection pose a threat to the public health.

The inspections were conducted when it was realized Ameridose has strong connections to NECC, the company responsible distributing contaminated vials of an epidural steroid injection that has been blamed for 28 deaths and well more than 300 serious fungal meningitis infections.

Ameridose is a supplier of pharmaceutical products to hospitals and other healthcare facilities nationwide. The large-scale recall may lead to shortages of certain injectable drugs the company is contracted to supply to healthcare providers.