Safety Concerns, Lawsuits Surrounding E-Cigarettes

What will the FDA do about E-Cigarettes?
What will the FDA do about E-Cigarettes?

Reports of exploding e-cigarettes are sparking safety questions, along with personal injury lawsuits. The devices have become increasingly popular as a smoking cessation tool, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still determining what regulations should be in place. For many, e-cigarette explosions are a reminder that the devices need to be regulated if they are to continue circulating on the market.

According to JD News, a former fighter was recently injured by an e-cigarette exploding in his face. The 54-year-old purchased the device in an effort to quit smoking, but reportedly found himself temporarily blind and in pain when it erupted unexpectedly. The man says he experienced burning in his eyes, describing the sensation at hot oil in the face.

The consumer purchased a device that uses a liquid substance, known as juice, that contains propylene glycol and alcohol. Both of these substances are combustible. According to JD News, the man says the warning on the device was “so small, I could hardly read it”.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) keeps track of adverse events through their MedWatch program, where individuals can voluntarily report problems. E-cigarette explosions are not officially tracked, but consumers can report problems to the agency via MedWatch.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Brooklyn teen who was injured by an exploding e-cigarette. Reportedly, the 14-year-old was able to shop for a variety of products in the Kings Plaza Mall. He alleges a sales associate installed a battery in a device and allowed him to handle it. The lawsuit alleges the device exploded in his face, causing permanent blindness in one eye and injuring his hand.