Pradaxa MDL now includes 78 cases


More than 50 cases have been added to the Pradaxa Multidistrict Litigation since it was originally consolidated in a federal courtroom in early August.

According to a Madison Record report, there are now 78 cases combined in the Pradaxa MDL. They’ve been consolidated as part of a federal MDL in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois and each alleges that a Plaintiff suffered or was unknowingly put at risk of life-threatening bleeding and hemorrhaging because of defects with the new blood thinner drug.

Pradaxa is a relatively new drug and was designed to supplant the standard warfarin as a blood thinner drug used in the prevention of blood clots that could cause stroke and death. Since its release in 2010, more than 255 deaths have been attributed to severe bleeding and hemorrhaging (both cerebral and gastrointestinal), a side effect of taking Pradaxa.

The lawsuits claim that the German manufacturer of Pradaxa, Boehringer-Ingelheim, has hidden data from clinical trials that shows its drug is putting patients at a far greater risk of suffering this side effect than those taking warfarin and that there is no antidote for it, not so for warfarin.

Those people who suffer even minor bleeding incidents while taking Pradaxa are at serious risk of having that condition worsen quickly and find that doctors are nearly powerless to stop it.

When it was originally filed, the Pradaxa MDL contained 21 cases on Aug. 8. Thousands of people are now taking Pradaxa and there are aggressive marketing campaigns touting the purported benefits of the drug that suggest more people will be prescribed the drug in the future and potentially face the same risks.