Poligrip Could Cause Neuropathy


America the land of dentures. At least it is for over 35 million wearers, most over the age of 55, who depend on denture creams to hold those new teeth in place. It seems simple. Buy an over the counter product with a well- known name that you trust like Poligrp or Fixodent and you’re ready to flash a new toothy smile. That is until that smile vanishes because you’re unknowingly suffering from severe side effects such as neuropathy, a painful and debilitating condition.

Our attorneys will diligently assist you in seeking justice for your pain and possibly lifelong disability resulting from zinc poisoning associated with denture cream use.

GlaxoSmithKline, the big pharmaceutical company, has been under fire in the courts for failing to disclose or warn consumers that it added zinc to certain Poligrip denture cream products. It is alleged that tossing zinc into the Poligrip ingredient mix without informing consumers put denture users at risk of zinc poisoning from ingesting excessive amounts of denture adhesive.

The following Poligrip products involved are:
~Super Poligrip Original
~Super Poligrip Ultra Fresh
~Poligrip Extra Care
~Super Poligrip Free
~Extra Strength Super Poligrip Powder
~Super Poligrip Comfort Seal Strips

How do you know if you are experiencing zinc overdose? Even if you’re not smudging on a bit too much adhesive, you might feel tingling in the extremities, problems with balance and walking or inability to move hands, arms, feet, and legs.

Unfortunately, zinc poisoning can mirror other disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, so it is imperative that denture cream users who are experiencing neurological problems immediately get a blood test. That will determine if zinc poisoning and copper depletion are contributors.

The most menacing health plight linked to Poligrip is neuropathy, a malady caused by damaged nerves. Although the condition is often an aftermath of poor nutrition or diabetes, it can also be a reaction to toxins or a side effect of specific drugs such as chemotherapy. Sufferers are sometimes permanently disabled and unable to use their normally healthy limbs.

Symptoms could include:
~constipation or bladder dysfunction
~trouble perspiring
~abnormal blood pressure or heart rate
~tingling or numbness in upper and lower extremities
~less strength or inability to move hands, arms, feet, or legs
~extremity pain
~problems walking
~poor balance, stumbling, falling down
~sexual dysfunction

As with other classified Class 1 medical devices, the Food and Drug Administration does not require a warning label on Poligrip cautioning that excessive use could lead to zinc poisoning and other neurological problems.

Additionally, we have that “more is better” attitude from mounds of food to even applying Poligrip. If the dentures do not feel firmly in place, dab on a bit more adhesive…after all, it’s an over the counter product. We don’t consider for a minute that we could be damaging our health with toxic levels of zinc, depleting our body’s copper level, which can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction, urinary and bladder problems, and neuropathy.