Plavix and Aspirin Combination May Not Help Prevent Second Stroke


Taking Plavix with Aspirin may be just as effective as taking Aspirin alone in patients who have had a stroke, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Furthermore, the study indicated that patients who take a Plavix-Aspirin combination are more likely to experience complications compared to those who take only Aspirin. The research is the latest to suggest that Plavix is just and effective, and perhaps more risky, than Aspirin.

The study involved over 3,000 patients who have had a lacunar stroke, which occurs in the small blood vessels of the brain. Patients were assigned either dual-therapy Aspirin plus Plavix or Aspirin and a placebo. At follow-up, the rates of a second stroke were comparable between the groups. When evaluating the rates of complications amongst the groups. Patients taking Plavix and Aspirin had nearly twice the risk of major hemorrhaging compared to those taking Aspirin.