New study finds Plavix no more effective than aspirin alone


New study finds Plavix no more effective than aspirin aloneA new study has joined many others which believe the purported benefits of taking the prescription blood thinner Plavix are overstated, especially in the prevention of a second stroke.

Many physicians prescribe Plavix in combination with ordinary aspirin to people who’ve suffered a certain type of stroke to prevent a second stroke. Touted as a “super aspirin,” Plavix is promoted as a drug that lessens the risk a person will suffer that life-threatening stroke. According to a HealthDay News report, a new study from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is just the latest to show that Plavix is no more effective at preventing secondary stroke than ordinary aspirin alone. 

The stroke that Plavix is designed to prevent is caused most often by hypertension. In addition to finding that the expensive prescription drug is no more effective than the pennies-per-day cost of aspirin, it also found that the drug carried the risk of severe gastrointestinal bleeding and death.

For several years, as sales of Plavix have reached the billions of dollars annually, more studies have been published showing the drug alongside aspirin is no more effective and far more dangerous than taking aspirin alone.