Italian Supreme Court grants compensation to man who blames tumor growth on cell phone use


The Italian Supreme Court has backed a previous court decision in granting worker’s compensation to a man who claims use of a cell phone caused him to develop a tumor on his face.

According to a report at, the ruling on Oct. 12 affirmed a lower court ruling that backed Innocente Marcolini, a former finance manager living in northern Italy who 10 years ago noticed a tumor on his face while shaving. He learned the tumor was benign but believes his daily use of a cell phone for his work caused that tumor to grow where it did. An initial claim by Marcolini was denied by a low court in Italy but an appeals board reversed the decision and granted medical coverage to the man for treatment of the tumor growth. 

This is the first court ruling, believed to be around the world, that finds cell phones responsible for the growth of dangerous tumors.  Other European governments have recently warned consumers that radiation emitting from cell phones poses risks to public health but no person before has been successful in being awarded financial damages for linking tumor growth or other health complications to the use of cell phones.

Last year, the World Health Organization determined that radiation from cell phones is carcinogenic but in the U.S., health and safety officials have backed down largely to a strong lobby on behalf of the cell phone industry aimed at downplaying or denying any health risks posed by cell phones.