Infuse associated with male sterility, according to editor/surgeon’s research


A new study from a Stanford University surgeon suggests the bone growth product Infuse may cause sterility in males.

According to a New York Times report, Dr. Eugene J. Carragee discovered that men who received Infuse in a spinal fusion surgery were much more likely to develop temporary or permanent sterility than those who received a traditional bone graft.

Infuse aimed to revolutionize spinal fusion and other back surgeries, eliminating the need for bone grafts from the hip to spark new growth in the spine. The bone growth product has been a boon to Medtronic until recently, when growing evidence has surfaced suggesting it’s not revolutionary at all. Instead, it’s putting patient health and lives at risk.

Numerous studies suggest Infuse may be causing several serious side effects, including sterility, unwanted or excessive bone growth, infections, and other problems when it’s used in place of a graft for spinal fusion surgeries. Medtronic compounded the problems for Infuse when it was learned the company had been illegally marketing Infuse for use in neck surgeries, which hasn’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Medtronic is also facing criticism over its suppression of evidence which has pointed to these dangers associated with the use of Infuse. In fact, Carragee notes that the results of his study differ completely with the conclusions drawn by clinical safety trials of Infuse sponsored by Medtronic.

Carragee is also known for his work as Editor of The Spine Journal, which last summer dedicated an entire edition of the publication exposing the conspiracy behind Infuse and Medtronic’s active cover-up of evidence of its dangers.