Hettich Centrifuges Plastic Rotors Recalled


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing its most serious Class I recall for Hettich Centrifuges with 2050 and 2076 plastic rotors, used in combination with the Mikro 12-24, Mikro 20, Haematokrit 20 and Haematokrit 24 bench top plastic centrifuges. This action was initiated because the plastic centrifuge rotor could crack, break apart and be forcefully ejected through the plastic centrifuge housing at a high rate of speed, which could cause serious personal injury and damage the surrounding area.

The instrument separates the red blood cells from plasma to determine the patient’s hematocrit. These recalled medical devices were distributed from January, 1999 through November, 2009. Hospitals, clinics and laboratories who have the listed centrifuge/rotor combination should immediately stop using the plastic rotors and contact Hettich to have them replaced with metal rotors. The centrifuges can be identified by reading the model number on the front of the instrument or the name tag on the rear of the centrifuge; the rotors have the model numbers 2076 or 2050 stamped on them.