Four Seriously Injured, Nearly Two Dozen Children Taken to Hospitals, After School Bus-Truck Crash

Four Injured, Nearly 2 Dozen Children Taken to Hospitals
Four Injured, Nearly 2 Dozen Children Taken to Hospitals
Four Injured, Nearly 2 Dozen Children Taken to Hospitals
Four Injured, Nearly 2 Dozen Children Taken to Hospitals

Nearly two dozen children were taken to the hospital for observation Friday morning after a truck and their school bus collided in Queens Village, New York, police said.

Twenty-three children were riding in a bus traveling west on Hillside Avenue at around 11:45 a.m. on Friday, when the bus collided with a panel truck going south on Hollis Court Boulevard, at the southern end of the Clearview Expressway, police say, according to Newsday.

After colliding with the bus, the truck slammed into the awning over fruit and vegetable displays at New Giant Farms Supermarket, on Hillside Ave. The collision collapsed part of the awning over the stands in front of the store, scattering produce. The manager of Clearway Parts Authority, an auto parts store across from New Giant Farms, said, “We just heard the bang and the truck was in the fruit stand.” The manager said a woman was pinned to the fruit stand by the truck. Newsday reports she was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, as was the driver of the panel truck.

A spokesman for Jamaica Hospital said three people were brought there and all were in stable condition. He did not have information about the sex, ages, or injuries of those brought to the facility. Police did not know if the injured woman was a store customer or a passing pedestrian, Newsday reports. Her condition was initially described as critical, but the hospital was able to stabilize her. The female victim is 34, the male truck driver is 71 and the bus driver is 54, police said.

Twenty-three children were taken to Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, an affiliate of Long Island Jewish Medical Center, according to a hospital spokesman. The children were examined. Some were treated and released, and others were kept for observation.

The NYPD collision investigation squad arrived at the scene immediately after the crash, Newsday reports. As of late Friday, no arrests had been made or summonses issued in the incident.

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