FDA investigating claims that 5-hour Energy drink caused 13 deaths


FDA investigating claims that 5-hour Energy drink caused 13 deathsThe Food and Drug Administration is investigating 13 deaths since 2009 that may be linked to the  5-hour Energy drink.

According to the New York Times this week, the reports of those 13 deaths were received since 2009. They add to evidence that underscores the dangers of these highly-caffeinated energy drinks.

Energy drinks are marketed as dietary supplements and are not subject to FDA regulations, something that restricts the ingredients in sodas and other soft drinks. Energy drinks claim they’re all-natural  with ingredients like ginseng, taurine, guarana, and others.

The makers of Monster, another popular energy drink that was just last month suspected in five deaths that the FDA was investigating, claim their drinks only have as much caffeine as a few cups of coffee but some tests on these and other drinks suggest they may have as much as seven-times the amount of caffeine as a regular soda.

The FDA has received 90 reports linked to adverse reactions to a 5-hour Energy drink to date. More than 30 of those included severe reactions to consumers including fatal and non-fatal heart attacks, convulsions, and even one report of a spontaneous abortion. The FDA will determine if all these adverse event reports can be directly linked to the consumption of 5-hour Energy but in the meantime, the loophole that preempts these drinks from the reach of its law prevents the agency from taking any further actions.