Exploding E-Cigarette Causes Man to Lose Eye, Lawsuits Mounting


An Orange County, California man sustained injuries from an e-cigarette that exploded while he was using it. The exploding device sent debris flying toward his head causing him to lose an eye and sustain broken orbital and sinus bones. The victim plans on using his story and injuries to bring awareness to the public, as well as other e-cigarette users, concerning the potential dangers involved in using e-cigarette devices.

Shortly after the Orange County explosion, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill raising the smoking age from 18 to 21 in California. The bill prohibits people under the age of 21 from purchasing all kinds of tobacco products, including chewing, vaping, and smoking, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The Orange County explosion that occurred on April 15 is one of 19 e-cigarette explosions since 2009 that have been reported in California. The hope is that the introduction of the new bill will help to decrease the number of e-cigarette explosions and subsequent injuries.

The e-cigarette was first available in 2007 and has been thought by many to be a tool to help people to stop smoking by providing a viable alternative to traditional cigarettes. Yet, since 2009, and until March 2016, there have been 25 reports of e-cigarette injuries.

In Florida, an e-cigarette exploded in the user’s mouth causing severe burns and damage to two teeth. In California, a man’s e-cigarette exploded in his hand, which caused serious burns. A bedroom was destroyed by a fire caused by an exploding e-cigarette in New Hampshire.