Dangers of metal water bottles highlighted by recent injuries to children


Dangers of metal water bottles highlighted by recent injuries to childrenParents should be aware of the dangers posed to their children by a trending product: metal water bottles.

Metal water bottles have begun to replace the old plastic standard and young athletes and outdoors enthusiasts have made these accessories as common as any other piece of “must-have” gear they possess. However, these metal water bottles have the ability to cause serious injuries to unsuspecting children.

According to an NBC Today Show report this week, several children have recently required emergency medical treatment to have their tongues dislodged from a metal water bottle. Either an ill-fated attempt to get the last few drops of a beverage, general horseplay, or simply drinking from the bottle incorrectly has resulted in at least three children who’ve gotten their tongues stuck inside the bottles. 

In one recent case highlighted by the Today Show report, Mary Kate Person needed to have a metal water bottle surgically removed in a three-hour procedure; otherwise, she faced the grave possibilities of either suffocating or suffering the loss of her tongue and ultimately, her ability to speak.

Experts say that a tongue could get stuck inside a metal water bottle because the drinking vessel is unable to expand like a plastic one might. This allows the tongue to expand once inside the bottle and create a suction bond that can’t be broken through normal means. The ridges and brass ring inside a bottle also aid in preventing a tongue from becoming unstuck.

One leading manufacturer – unnamed in the report – told Today that they’re working on the design of their product to alleviate this injury risk. Also, there is a “sippy cap” attachment for metal water bottles that would prevent this risk altogether.