Closing Arguments Begin for DePuy ASR Trial in LA


Closing Arguments Begin for DePuy ASR Trial in LAOverview: Closing arguments for the DePuy ASR trial are set to begin to today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, where jurors are weighing the lawsuit of Loren Kransky, a 65-year old retired corrections officer who alleges that his DePuy ASR hip implant cause severe injuries. The outcome of the trial will help determine the course of future litigation for the 10,000 other lawsuits that have been filed in the United States.

  • Closing arguments begin today in the case of  Kransky v. DePuy, BC456086, California Superior Court, Los Angeles County
  • Kransky’s lawsuit, which alleges that the DePuy ASR hip implant caused severe injuries leading to revision surgery, is the first of 10,000 to go to trial
  • J&J recalled 93,000 hip implants in 2010 due to a high failure rate; since then, metal-on-metal hip implants have come under scrutiny

Product: DePuy ASR Hip Implant

Manufacturer: DePuy Orthopaedics/ Johnson & Johnson

Side Effects & Complications

  • High failure rate
  • Necrosis (tissue death)
  • Increased levels of cobalt and chromium ions
  • Pain at the implant, sometimes spreading to the groin and back
  • Osteolysis (bone loss)
  • Fluid collections/solid masses around the hip joint

DePuy ASR Trial Comes to an End

The Los Angeles Times reports that closing arguments were set to begin today in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Since Kransky’s lawsuit was the first to go to trial, the jurors’ decision will influence the path of future litigation for the DePuy ASR. Some 2,000 other suits have been filed in alongside Kransky’s in Los Angeles state court while another 7,000 are pending in federal court in Ohio as part of the DePuy ASR multidistrict litigation (MDL). Like thousands of others, Kransky alleges that his metal hip implant is defective and released a toxic amount of metal ions into his body, leading to metal poisoning and the need to undergo revision surgery to have the device replaced. Johnson & Johnson has denied that Kransky’s injuries stem from the recalled hip implant, attributing the damages to his pre-existing health problems.

All-Metal Hip Replacements

DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, recalled 93,000 ASR hip implants, including 37,000 in the United States. The metal-on-metal hip implants were found to fail in 12 percent of patients in only 5 years; more recent data from Australia shows that they fail more than 40 percent of the time. The recall brought international attention to all-metal hip replacements, and since then all-metal hip replacements have come under scrutiny as a class of medical devices.  Lisa McGiffert, director of Consumers Union’s Safe Patient Project told LA Times that patients need to research a medical device thoroughly before agreeing to a procedure. “Too many patients go in blindly and don’t ask enough questions about the manufacturer or what materials go into these medical devices,” McGiffert said. “They are too trusting of the surgeon.”