California woman claims da Vinci surgical robot caused permanent injuries


California woman claims da Vinci surgical robot caused permanent injuriesA California woman has detailed the injuries she’s blaming on the da Vinci surgery robot in a recently filed lawsuit in a state court there.

According to a Bloomberg report, Michelle Zarick says that the da Vinci surgery robot failed to live up to its touted expectations and that device “forever changed her life for the worse.”

Zarick is likely the tenth person in the U.S. who claims the da Vinci surgery robot caused her to suffer serious and permanent injuries after she underwent a procedure using it. Bloomberg found 10 cases filed in courts across the country in the last 14 months that name Intuitive Surgical, the makers of the da Vinci robot, as a defendant, claiming the company failed to warn about the risks associated with using its product.

Intuitive Surgical aggressively markets use of the da Vinci robot and pressures hospitals into biting on the big price tag, telling each facility that they’re gaining a competitive edge or at least staying competitive in the healthcare field by adding the robot surgeon device.

Zarick was told the da Vinci robot was “the latest, greatest” option for her as she sought treatment for excessive vaginal bleeding. She underwent a surgery to correct this problem using the da Vinci robot and seemed to tolerate it well for five weeks until she noticed that her intestines had protruded through her vagina.

The side effects of the surgery caused her severe pain and a corrective procedure to address the additional injuries resulted in a large scar that ranges from one hip to the other. Zarick also says the da Vinci robot damaged her rectal muscles and she’s constipated often and that the injuries have decreased her libido and sex life.