Blood Thinners Linked to Profuse Bleeding and Blood Clots

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Public Health Watchdog Breaking News

While consumers are accustomed to commercials on television listing possible side effects of prescription medication, some adverse side effects may be seriously life-threatinging and fatal in some cases.

According to WebMD, every prescription drug carries the potential for side effects. For example, internal bleeding and blood clots have been known to be a side effect of anti-coagulation medicine and blood thinners, reported News 12. Warfarin or Coumadin, which have been on the market for some time, have doctors following a prescription protocol that is carefully monitored, before a patient even takes the drug. The newer anti-coagulant drugs, known as Xa inhibitors, such as Xarelto, are more convenient, with no regular blood monitoring, and no specific dietary restrictions, but may expose patients to serious injury or even death.

According to WebMD, the Xa inhibitors were mostly prescribed for knee or hip replacements and for deep vein thrombosis (blood clots in the veins of the legs). The drugs served to prevent blood clots from forming and to keep the blood flowing smoothly.

Patients taking Xarelto (rivaroxaban), Eliquis (apixaban), Pradaxa (dabigatran), or Lixiana (edoxaban], should be aware of certain risks associated with these drugs. Risks include back pain, bleeding gums, headache, bloody stools, difficulty breathing or swallowing, internal bleeding, pulmonary embolism, heart attack, stroke, and brain hemorrhage, reported the Mayo Clinic.