Saturday, August 19, 2017


Public Health Watchdog Breaking News

Monsanto Roundup Plaintiffs Seek Prior Animal Studies

Plaintiffs Allege Glyphosate Causes Cancer Plaintiffs in the Monsanto Roundup lawsuits that have been consolidated in Northern California are seeking tissue specimens that were collected...
Public Health Watchdog Breaking News

Iconic Moscow Mule Mugs may Lead to Copper Poisoning

Copper is often used to make kitchenware such as pots and pans, but with certain foods, it can be a health concern. A Moscow...
Public Health Watchdog Breaking News

Antibacterial Soap May Put Fetuses at Risk

A new study has found that exposure to environmental levels of common antibacterial chemicals found in numerous soaps and lotions may transfer from mother...


Risperdal Medication Mass Tort Now Largest in the System

The number of Risperdal lawsuits in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas has doubled since the beginning of this year, with over 3,600 new...